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More than just a pattern

Last time we checked, hunting has not recently become a popular hobby in Montreal. But you may have caught yourself wondering if it has, especially as it’s become hard to walk through the Mile-End or the Plateau without noticing that many seem to be cloaked in Realtree . Even if you don’t know the name, you know the pattern: a camouflage made up of photo-realistic leaves, twigs, and bark usually used by those in more wooded lanscapes than the one of the Saint-Lautent Boulevard.

  1. Levis

    550™ '92 Relaxed Taper Fit Men's Jeans


A quick Camo lesson

Technically, Realtree is a brand—its name has become a sort of metonym for the patterns it sells as “Advantage Classic Camo” and “Advantage Timber Camo.” Originating from the skilled hand of Bill Jordan in 1986, Realtree quickly became the gold standard in camouflage, expanding its reach beyond the hunting realm into mainstream fashion and lifestyle. Its influence extends far beyond the woods, with collaborations ranging from Wrangler to NASCAR. Streetwear brands like Alpha Industries and Chrome eagerly embraced the trend, incorporating various camo motifs into their collections.

A pattern's cultural impact

But camo's journey doesn't end there—it's now infiltrating unexpected corners of culture, blending seamlessly with the nostalgic vibes of '90s and Y2K fashion that have been making a comeback. In the streets of Montreal, where dressing with a hint of irony is practically a way of life, camo serves as a bold statement amidst a sea of paisleys and animal prints.

A nod to the classic New York swag and aesthetic, the motif is definitely here to stay; “In downtown New York and Brooklyn, there are always people whose cruising altitude for getting dressed is some level of irony or subversiveness,” says Lawrence Schlossman, host of the podcast Throwing Fits. “I think a lot of young people use fashion to make a statement, and often that statement is one of irony.” (Quote from GQ Magazine)

  1. Dickies

    Eagle Bend Relaxed Fit Double Knee Cargo Pants


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Culturally, camouflage has become just another all-over print alongside the paisleys, flower patterns, and animal prints popularized by various brands all over the fashion worls. It’s another statement item to mix into your wardrobe rotation, and we’re giving you our NEON curated options.

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