Laurence Massé X NEON

From Graphic to Ink: Tattoo Artist Laurence Massé

Laurence is a Montreal artist who has taken the world of tattooing by storm. Her journey began as a graphic designer trying to make it on her own, but she always had a passion for tattoos. She kept a day aside each week to experiment with tattooing techniques in her small space at home. Soon, she equipped herself with the necessary tools and set up her own Instagram page to showcase her work.

Through her page, she connected with other tattoo artists and studios and began to learn more about the craft. Her Instagram page also helped her build a small clientele, and before she knew it, she was receiving clients at her home. Her talent was recognized, and she was soon approached by a studio to do some work - She quickly realized that graphic designing did not make her happy, but tattooing did. Laurence knew that if she wanted to succeed in this industry, she had to put all her energy into it.

Her inspiration comes from this love for travelling and discovering new environments. She carries a sketchbook with her and doodles landscapes, interesting shapes, plants, textures, and other things that catch her eye. When she returns to Montreal, she selects various shapes and forms to create new compositions. Her minimalist designs often represent landscapes with forests, oceans, and roads, and her work inspires people to think about their travels and experiences. 

In addition to being a skilled tattoo artist, she's got an excellent eye for fashion. She loves styling her favourite brands, Dr. Martens and Dickies, together! Whenever she shops at NEON, she never leaves without something new!

Laurence has many future projects that she would like to explore, such as trying new mediums like painting and murals. She would also like to experiment with tattooing different parts of the body, such as the stomach and back. Last year, she explored the concept of equality by travelling to different cities and countries, and she hopes to continue this initiative in the future.

Laurence's story is an inspiration to those who want to pursue their passion and are willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed. Her journey from graphic design to tattooing shows that sometimes we need to try different things before we find what makes us happy. 

Special Thanks to: Laurence Massé & Brian Shannon