Dino Angelo Luciano X NEON

From MasterChef to Montreal: The Journey of Chef Dino Angelo Luciano

Dino Angelo Luciano, a former MasterChef contestant and chef, has had a unique journey from New York to Montreal. Along the way, he discovered his passion for cooking and fashion.

Growing up in New York City's Bensonhurst neighbourhood, Dino's grandmother taught him how to cook Italian recipes. Initially, cooking was a chore for him, but his grandmother's lessons prepared him to cook for large groups of people. Later, he signed up for MasterChef, a cooking competition show, and eventually won the title of America's next MasterChef.

After winning MasterChef, Dino went on a vacation to Montreal and fell in love with the city. He noticed Montreal lacked a good Southern California-style hole-in-the-wall restaurant and decided to open his own. Three and a half years later, he opened a small restaurant that serves Southern California-style food.

Apart from his culinary skills, Dino is also a skate fashion enthusiast. He draws inspiration from early 2000s skate videos and loves wearing Dickies. In the interview, he mentioned that his fashion sense was influenced by skaters such as Jeff Rowley and Brian Sumner. He credits his love for Dickies to his early school days when he used to wear them, and people would make fun of him, calling him "grandpa" or "flood pants."

Dino's journey led him to Montreal's NEON store, where he found his favourite Dickies. The store had a variety of brands and supported local businesses, which aligned with Dino's philosophy of supporting locals. He encourages people to support local businesses, especially in the restaurant industry.

Dino's journey from New York to Montreal is a testament to encouraging people to support local businesses and to be themselves.