Manny Trinh X NEON

Manny Trinh: The Intersection of Artistry and Streetwear

Manny Trin is a multi-talented artist and sculptor whose works are a fusion of streetwear, artistry, and cultural identity. Born in Saigon City, Vietnam, and raised in Hamilton, Manny's journey to becoming an artist was not a linear one. Despite his passion for sketching and drawing from an early age, Manny's love for skateboarding took center stage in his youth. However, it was through his love for skating that he discovered his passion for the graphic art of skateboards.

Manny's recent works are a testament to his creative prowess and his ability to weave various elements of his life into his art. His passport series is a visual representation of his cultural identity and the amalgamation of the cultures he's known from the past and the present as a Canadian. He took his old passport and painted on it, creating a vibrant representation of his unique cultural identity.

As an artist, Manny's works are a reflection of his life, interests, and passions. He loves biking, skating, and spending time with his friends. While he doesn't wait for inspiration, he finds it in the everyday things around him. He's always on the lookout for something that sparks an idea, be it a color combination or a unique design. Manny's works are colorful and vibrant, just like his personality and interests.

Beyond his artistry, Manny's day job as an art installer has also influenced his work. Spending long hours on his feet requires comfortable footwear, and that's where his love for Birkenstocks comes in. He loves taking his steel-toed work boots off during his break and putting on his trusty Birkenstocks to give his feet some much-needed rest. Manny's fusion of artistry and streetwear has also found a home at Neo - where he can find everything he needs, including his beloved Birkenstocks.

Manny's fusion of streetwear, artistry, and cultural identity is a testament to his creativity and passion for his craft. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future!

Special Thanks to: Manny Trinh & Brian Shannon